Get offline access : Google Python Style Guide

Here is the shortcut for you : Google Python Style Guide PDF

And, here is long story.

At first I just want to read the guide on my tablet with offline access and since I does not use evernote premium service, evernote was not on my tried list. But evernote worked perfect. So if you use evernote premium service, use evernote :)

First try. I pocketed the guide. but fold/unfold link does not work. Only I could see was one line description it was not good.

Second try. I searched ‘google python style guide pdf’ but there was not enough links and pdf files. I just want as same as on original site.

And third and last try. Suddenly, I thought out it was very simple problem. I could print the site into pdf format on my own computer!! How stupid and simple way. I over thought about offline access only with specific services like porket or evernote.


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